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New Producers & Exclusive Partnerships

By defining our target audience, analyzing the film market and calculating revenue projections, we've carefully created a strategy to include an exclusive group of partners in the creation of Nothing, Arizona. You can become a critical part of the filmmaking process through brand integration, production partnerships and equity financing. Equity partner positions are limited.

Target Market & Audience

Nothing, Arizona is an intense Drama featuring a 70 year old man and 30 year old woman. The following statistics reveal the ideal moviegoer for Nothing, Arizona. Based off our findings we've determined 3 target demographics for our U.S. distribution marketing strategy.

  • Women 25-55+ for Theatrical & Digital Release

    • Nothing, Arizona fulfills the need for dynamic female characters

    • 51% of ticket buyers are Women 

    • This demo leans liberal

    • This demo owns multiple tech devices

  • Men 30-49 for Digital Release

    • More men than women are willing to stream

    • This demo is more inclined to purchase hardcopies

  • Men and Women 55+ for Theatrical Release

    • Nothing, Arizona features several characters 55+

    • 91% of this demo prefers Drama films

    • 6.2 Million moviegoers are 60+

Film Market Overview

Below is a snapshot of trends pulled from the UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report. Diversified casts continue to gross higher numbers internationally while female directors tick up each year. 

Comparable films:

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 8.55.37 PM.png

Financing Nothing, Arizona

We are seeking equity investors to produce Nothing, Arizona and motivate the production industry in the state of Arizona. With our team and strategy our goal is to reach returns 3 times our investment.




Total Budget: $750,000

Camera equipment has been donated to see this film made. It is with donations and friends that we are able to keep the budget unusually low. 

International and Domestic box office sales will be determined after preview screenings at Lionsgate, XYZ Films and again after festival runs.

Executive Producers with Private Equity and a passion for projects with social impact.

The filmmakers seek to secure production financing from private investors. This film will be financed with 100% Equity.

  • ROI/ Waterfall : Investors will recoup 120% of their investment before any profits are distributed. Then deferred payments will be paid. After that point, all of the net profits will be split on a 50/50 basis, with 50% being distributed to the investors on a pari passu basis and the remaining 50% going to the producing entity. Any back end points to talent and crew will come from the producers' share.

  • CREDIT: In addition to a share of equity we're offering opening title Executive Producer credits on the movie, IMDB, and all artwork associated to the movie such as posters and DVD covers, etc. 

  • The producer credits come without any obligations, responsibilities, or requirements to the investor - other than the investment itself.

  • With the strength of our script, actors and crew in comparison to similar films of this nature we estimate we will make our money back. What will push us into profits comes from our targeted marketing that will take advantage of the story behind the film.

    • This film will be fully produced in Arizona. This fact alone, has already given the film significant press.

    • Nothing, Arizona will be the first leading role for Wes Studi where he doesn't play a typical Native American character.

    • This film will be produced and directed by 90% women.

    • Nothing, Arizona has the support of Scottsdale Rehab and Recovery Center which will garner press for a good cause.


Production Summary

  • Pre Production began October 2019.

  • Casting begins January 2020

  • Production starts April 2020 

  • Filming will take place in Phoenix, AZ over five weeks. 

  • Post production will take place in May 2020.

  • Post Deliverables

    • 4K Master​

    • Paperwork, Documentation, Legal

    • Trailers

    • Key Art

    • Photographs

    • Subtitling

    • Errors and Omissions


Film Festivals & Distribution

Nothing, Arizona will be submitted to the following festivals in the fall of 2020 and will lean into the demographics of our team members by going to Native American, Female Filmmakers and the French festivals. 

US Film Festivals

  • Sundance Film Festival

  • Tribeca Film Festival

  • Austin Film Festival

  • New York Film Festival

  • Palm Springs Film Festival

  • Slamdance Film Festival

  • SXSW

  • Atlanta Film Festival

  • Starz Denver Film Festival

International Film Festivals

  • Cannes International Film Festival

  • Deauville Festival du Cinema Americaine

  • Toronto International Film Festival

  • Raindance Film Festival

  • Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Once we receive feedback and offers post Film Festival circuit we will move forward with one of two strategies, Target Buyers or Self Distribution.

Target Buyers

  • A24

  • NEON

  • IFC Films

  • Lionsgate

  • Sony Pictures Classics

  • The Orchard

  • Magnolia Pictures

  • Roadside Attractions

  • Amazon Studios

  • Bleeker Street

  • CBS Films

  • Kino Lorber

  • Oscilloscope

  • Samuel Goldwyn

  • Focus Features


Marketing Strategy & Awards Campaign

Marketing will begin with a big PR stunt in Nothing, Arizona followed by traditional marketing and Phoenix screening. From here, cities with the largest audiences found from our target market will roll out advertising pushing to theatrical release. This process will occur over 20 weeks reaching a minimum of 150 theaters.

Digital marketing will proceed following theatrical release which is subject to festival success and distribution strategy. 

In the fall of 2021 The film will begin Awards Campaigning.

  • Independent Spirit Awards

  • SAG Awards

  • Golden Globe Awards

  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards

  • British Academy of Film and Television Awards

  • National Board of Review Awards

  • The Academy Awards

  • Producers Guild of America Awards

  • Critics Choice Awards

  • Writers Guild of America Awards

For more information on becoming a partner please email

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